• Coniston Cubs Brilliant Bollywood Festive Dancing
    Come rain, hail, snow, sun or shine, 26th Milton Keynes Coniston Cubs Scout group is always prepared to be outdoors and have some fun, whatever the weather! The pouring rain at the start of the session did nothing to dampen the energy or the spirits of the Cub pack, as many Coniston Cubs turned up … Read more
  • Coniston Cubs Campfire Kickstart to the Autumn Term
    26th Milton Keynes Coniston Cubs resumed weekly Cub sessions after a long summer break. There is nothing like a campfire to kick-start a new term of exciting activities chosen by the young people in the Coniston Cub pack. The session started with a grand howl followed by some restructuring as new Seconders were appointed, newcomers … Read more
  • 26th MK in London: A Trip of Scouting Proportions!
    By Jack Delany-Barnes On the morning of the 1st of July, 26th Milton Keynes Scouts took a trip on the train down to London. Once we got there, the first thing we accomplished was lunch, sitting in Hyde Park by the Albert Memorial and chomping on some food. At around 2pm in the afternoon, we … Read more
  • Tour de MK – Fantastic Fundraising!
    On a warm Saturday morning, with perhaps the best weather of the year so far, our 26th Milton Keynes Scouts met up for one of their biggest challenges yet – a 40 kilometre sponsored bike ride across Milton Keynes! We were setting off from Willen lake on a route chosen by the Scouts themselves, taking … Read more
  • 26th Milton Keynes Scouts – The Great Escape!
    By Christopher Clawson, Raven Patrol Leader A few weeks ago, the other patrol leaders leaders and I were asked to run an evening for the scouts. We decided to do an escape room that we planned and made ourselves. The younger scouts loved it! It felt really good to see our hard work pay off, … Read more
  • Coniston Cubs at MK District Cub Camp
    26th Milton Keynes Coniston Cubs laid down their gauntlets and accepted the challenge of having as much fun and completing as many mediaeval-themed activities as possible at their first ever MK Scouts District Cub Camp under canvas at The Quarries Scout Campsite. For some Coniston Cubs in the pack and for Parent Helper Amit, this … Read more
  • Coniston Cubs Lego & Relax
    26th Milton Keynes Coniston Cubs had a fantastic time at the Lego Store in Milton Keynes City Centre, thanks to Lego Store Manager Shannon and her totally awesome team. It was a privilege for Coniston Cubs to visit the Lego store, participate in so many activities and take home Lego gifts too. A super massive … Read more
  • Coniston Cubs Defy Gravity
    26th Milton Keynes Coniston Cubs had a brilliant time at Gravity in the Xscape. This had to be one of the most highly anticipated activities of the term, as the Cubs voted to spend a great chunk of the summer programme budget on this thrilling and adrenaline-filled session during their last pack forum. It was … Read more
  • Coniston Cubs Go Litter Picking
    26th Milton Keynes Coniston Cub Scouts group had a great time litter-picking the Walnut Tree area, demonstrating the Cub Scout value of helping others. It was Coniston Cubs’ way of giving back to the local community as the Cub pack had a great time on their Spectacular Space Adventure in Walnut Tree earlier this term. … Read more
  • Adventure & Iftar Under the Stars!
    At 26th MK Scouts we were looking nervously at the weather forecast for the start of the Easter holidays. The troop were off to Lesley Sell in Bromham for their second camp of the term and with rain in the air we were a little worried of a repeat of our time at Tolmers for … Read more
  • Coniston Cubs take part in MK District Cubs Sleepover at Gulliver’s Land Theme Park
    26th Milton Keynes Coniston Cubs took part in MK District Cubs sleepover at Gulliver’s Land Theme Park Resort, along with other Cub Scout packs across Milton Keynes. Upon arriving, Coniston Cubs setup their sleeping bags and totally lucked out by having two super cosy corners: an area for the boys and another area for the … Read more
  • Coniston Cubs’ Spectacular Space Adventure
    26th Milton Keynes Coniston Cubs had a blast of a time as they went on a journey through space on an augmented reality astronomy trail at the Walnut Tree Sports Grounds. Using the Love Exploring app, Coniston Cubs went on a space adventure to ‘visit’ all eight planets in our solar system. Most Coniston Cubs … Read more
  • Coniston Cubs Showcase Scout Values
    Doing Our Best 26th Milton Keynes Coniston Cubs had a fantastic ‘Perplexing Puzzles’ session of Lego and Rubik’s cube solving. The puzzles-themed session was voted for by Coniston Cub members in the Autumn pack forum, owing to inspiration from Cub Mason who taught his dad how to solve a 3x3x3 Rubik’s cube as part of … Read more
  • Coniston Cubs and Nkiru Arts African Drumming
    26th Milton Keynes Coniston Cub Scouts had a brilliant time thanks to Nkiru Arts, an inclusive musical arts group for communities based in Milton Keynes. Director of Nkiru Arts Annie Beddoes, and fellow drummers Mike and Jan, led an incredible workshop for Coniston Cubs. Akela was delighted to be able to arrange this session for … Read more
  • Coniston Cubs Shoot for the Stars!
    26th Milton Keynes Coniston Cubs Scout group had a blast tonight as they completed a series of space activities linked to the Cubs Astronomer Activity Badge and held a badge ceremony to award Chief Scout Silver.
  • Scouts & Saxons at the Quarries!
    Our 26th Milton Keynes Scout Troop travelled back to Saxon times over the half term when they joined the UK branch of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) at their 2022 “Fall Camporee” event. The BSA were running their camp at the Quarries for the first time! We brought along 16 Scouts for the two-night … Read more
  • Coniston Cubs visit to the Blue Light Hub Fire Station
    26th Milton Keynes Coniston Cub Scouts were super excited to visit The Blue Light Hub fire station on Tuesday 4 October 2022. The session began with a very special moment as five young people made their promises in the investiture ceremony to join the Coniston Cub Scouts pack – warmest welcome to Freya, Arpit, Markel, … Read more
  • Badge Designs
    Dear Friends, Family and Members of 26th Milton Keynes Scout Group, It is customary for every Scout group to have its own unique group badge.  These are worn on the necker or the sleeve and are normally inspired by the place the group meets or by the history of the group. The 26th Milton Keynes … Read more
  • Coniston Cubs at Curly Tails
    Our Milton Keynes 26th Cub Pack had a fantastic time at Curly Tails Pig Sanctuary at their last session before the Summer half term!
  • St Georges Day Celebrations: 26th MK Scouts on Parade!
    Members of the Coniston Cubs pack and Red Tarn Scouts troop from 26th Milton Keynes Scout Group took part in their first ever MK District St Georges Day Scouts parade. As the newest Scout group in the MK District, 26th MK Scouts Group had the privilege of being right at the front of the parade, … Read more
  • Coniston Cubs (and parents!) go Orienteering
    Our 26th Milton Keynes Cubs pack had great fun racing around the orienteering trail at Caldecotte Lake. Thanks to the support of six amazing parent helpers (including Cub Leader Bagheera’s dad) there were enough adults for the whole Cub pack to split up into their Sixes groupings, armed with maps and compasses for the competition. … Read more
  • Coniston Cubs Hit the Heights at Climb Quest MK
    26th Milton Keynes Coniston Cubs had a fantastic time at Climb Quest MK during one of their weekly Cub sessions. Everyone joined in with the fun together – Cubs, young leaders, and adult leaders. Akela and Bagheera felt so incredibly proud as all the Cubs demonstrated doing their best individually and collectively as a pack. … Read more
  • Coniston Cubs Get Crafty!
    26th Milton Keynes Coniston Cubs got crafty and creative as they used their imaginative to cobble together a wide range of recyclable materials and create wonderful works of art in our digital scout hut. Bottle tops, tin foil, plastic bottles and containers, cardboard cereal and tea boxes, juice cartons and straws were all put to … Read more
  • Coniston Cubs tour of MK Waste Recovery Park
    26th Milton Keynes Coniston Cubs went on a tour of the MK Waste Recovery Park in Wolverton to discover how black bag rubbish is processed in MK, as part of their Cubs Environmental Conservation Activity Badge. It was a real privilege for the Cubs to be the first community group to have a tour of … Read more
  • Coniston Cubs raise £373 for Willen Hospice
    As part of our 26th Milton Keynes Coniston Cub Scout group’s campaign to give back to our local communities, Coniston Cubs recently raised £373 for Willen Hospice, the Charity the Cubs chose for us to support in this spring term. Two of our Sixers, Alex and Svea, plus Cub Drew who raised the most sponsorship … Read more
  • “Cub Dine With Me” on Chinese New Year of the Tiger!
    26th Milton Keynes Coniston Cub Scouts cooked up a feast in our Digital Scout Hut online for Chinese New Year on Tuesday 1 February 2022 – the year of the Tiger! Bring on the luck with the colour red! As red is an auspicious colour in Chinese beliefs, Coniston Cubs got into the spirit by … Read more
  • Coniston Cubs give back to our communities
    26th Milton Keynes Coniston Cub Scout have worked hard to give back to two local charities this term, helping to support the MK Food Bank and The Winter Night Shelter MK. At a pack forum the start of the autumn term, the Cubs picked charities from the local community that they wanted to support. Our … Read more
  • Coniston Cubs at Climb Quest MK
    Jessica, Ivaan, Mohi and Tawana were the four lucky Coniston Cubs from 26th Milton Keynes Scout group who were picked from a prize draw to take part in a free taster session at Climb Quest. Check out the action with the video highlights and Cub interviews here, and then read on for the article below! … Read more
  • The Great Big Coniston Cubs Bake Off 2021 crowns its Star Baker!
    26th Milton Keynes Cub Scouts got together in their digital scout hut for The Great Big Coniston Cubs Bake Off (GBCCBO). Cubs and leaders alike joined in to create magnificent microwave mug cakes and oven-baked delights! Emotions and enthusiasm ran high as pillowy mountains of squirty cream melted, Akela’s own chocolate mug cake exploded in … Read more
  • Coniston Cubs under Canvas!
    26th Milton Keynes Coniston Cubs experienced their first overnight camp at The Quarries this week. It was a memorable FIRST experience in many ways for the Cubs – first time away from home, first time camping ever, as well as first time camping as a Cub pack. So, well done to everyone in the pack!  … Read more