26th MK Coniston Cubs drum in an Nkiru Arts African Drumming workshop.

26th Milton Keynes Coniston Cub Scouts had a brilliant time thanks to Nkiru Arts, an inclusive musical arts group for communities based in Milton Keynes.

Director of Nkiru Arts Annie Beddoes, and fellow drummers Mike and Jan, led an incredible workshop for Coniston Cubs.

Akela was delighted to be able to arrange this session for Coniston Cubs, as Akela is also a member of Nkiru Arts drumming group and wanted to share her love for djembe playing and African beats.

Every Coniston Cub member learnt to play a traditional Ghanian rhythm known as kpanlogo (pronounced as ‘pan-logo’), using the techniques of base, tones and slaps. It was a real privilege for every Coniston Cub member and adult to be given a djembe for playing during the session. This meant that everyone could join in and practise the five parts of the rhythm, culminating in everyone playing one of five parts together to create a wonderful sound.

Sixer Oliver said, “it was the best Cubs session ever!

Coniston Cubs were amazing, not only in their drumming skills, but also their manners, listening, team-skills and respect for the instructor, as they practised and played. Well done everyone! We should all be very proud of our pack.

Nkiru Arts drumming workshop and setup.

As if the Cubs session wasn’t exciting enough already, it was also wonderful to celebrate the fantastic achievement of both Mohi and Drew who have achieved their Chief Scout’s Silver Award. This is a brilliant achievement, as it is the highest accolade a Cub Scout can achieve, having gained all seven of their Challenge Awards and six or more Activity/Staged Badges. A super well done to Mohi and Drew!

Coniston Cubs Mohi and Drew achieve their Chief Scout’s Silver Awards.