26th Milton Keynes Coniston Cubs had a fantastic time at Climb Quest MK during one of their weekly Cub sessions. Everyone joined in with the fun together – Cubs, young leaders, and adult leaders.

Akela and Bagheera felt so incredibly proud as all the Cubs demonstrated doing their best individually and collectively as a pack. There were many heart-warming and memorable moments of support, friendship, co-operation and camaraderie amidst the laughter, adrenaline highs, calm and cautious climbing approaches, self-challenges, and happy chitter-chatter.

The Cubs listened to their climbing instructor, Jamie, with care and attention as they received their safety demonstration and briefing. They asked questions, discussed, and explained the rationale behind some of the safety rules.

There was teamwork, care, and cooperation as Cubs gave each other words of encouragement. They challenged one another to competitive races, offered moral support by climbing side-by-side (confident climbers beside less confident climbers), and helped one other to clip on/off the safety connectors on the climbing ropes.

Some Cubs had never been climbing before and with the encouragement of leaders and fellow Cubs, took on the challenge of attempting to climb as high on the walls as they could until they reached their personal best. Cub Leaders were very much of the belief that it didn’t matter how high or how fast someone went, it was more about the trying, having fun, being in a safe space among friends, and growing in confidence and belief!

Svea, Samuel, Adwita and Mason

More experienced Climbers enjoyed the challenge of developing their skills, tackling harder walls, attempting to reach even greater heights and at faster speeds.

Harry G, Lily, Drew and Mohi
Harry H, Jessie, Alex and Charlie
Tawana, Oliver and Jack
Lily, Bagheera and Akela all joined in with the fun too!

Coniston Cubs, You All Rock! (Akela, this is a terrible pun! – Bagheera)