26th MK Coniston Cub Scouts have a fantastic time at Gravity, Xscape

26th Milton Keynes Coniston Cubs had a brilliant time at Gravity in the Xscape. This had to be one of the most highly anticipated activities of the term, as the Cubs voted to spend a great chunk of the summer programme budget on this thrilling and adrenaline-filled session during their last pack forum. It was no surprise that there was full turnout for this session.

Gearing up for Gravity

First, there was the warm-up and safety briefing. Coniston Cubs did some cardio on the stop, flexed, and stretched as they geared up for Gravity’s assortment of activities that included trampolining, target practice with a ball, climbing, reaction test, obstacles and a ball pit.

It also turned out that the Gravity staff member who led the session was a former Scout member. So, Akela didn’t hesitate to share details for 26th Milton Keynes Scout Group’s GSL, as we always welcome new volunteer leaders.

Coniston Cubs warming up, flexing and stretching ready to exercise safely with a former Scout as the instructor

Get set and go!

Once everyone had warmed up, Coniston Cubs dashed off to explore and have fun! It was like a scatter gun effect as Cubs ran off in different directions, picking the thing they wanted to do the most first.

There were a series of spectacular jumps on trampolines, as well as from trampoline to trampoline! It didn’t matter however Cubs chose to bounce or land, everyone had fun and safely. Akela was delighted to see how Cubs were so kind to each other, making sure that everyone had a buddy and no one was left out. Well done, Coniston Cubs!

Coniston Cubs Freya, Ashley and Isabella having a great time…
Coniston Cubs (from left to right) Mohi, Isabella and Makenzie preparing to jump and bounce.
Coniston Cubs Oliver (left) and Arpit (right) taking a break between jumps, and leader Shere Khan (middle) mid-jump and defying gravity on a trampoline!

Belly Flop, Bounces & Back Flips

The giant ‘pillow’ was a great attraction for Cubs, although it took some getting out of as it was so squishy! At one point, everyone joined in to tow out a Cub, it was wonderful to see such camaraderie.

Woo hoo! Coniston Cubs going for the big jump, bounce, belly flops and back flips!

Balance Beam Battles

There were some epic battles on the balance beam. Amanda spent most of the session maintaining her defence and winning streaks. Frankie competed and won some rounds, well done! Shere Khan and other Cubs that included Mohi, Timothy, Josh and Markel had a go! This is what Cub Scouts is all about, joining in, having a go and having fun with friends.  

Coniston Cubs Amanda vs, Frankie on the balancing beam.
Coniston Cubs leader Shere Khan joining in with the fun on the balancing beam along with Mohi, Josh and Markel.

Ball Pit Bonanza

There were rules about not throwing balls in the ball pit, but clearly it was SO MUCH fun that at one point the Gravity staff member joined in with the ball throwing competition. Akela caught Mohi and Adwita mid-sneak; they need to work on their stealth skills.     

Great fun in the ball pit: Jack and Gabriel in the ball pit (top left), Freddie catching his breath (top right), Ashley jumping in and Timothy getting out (middle right), sneaking skills by Mohi and Adwita (middle left), and Mason with the thumbs up along with Freddie head over heels in the ball pit and Josh (bottom).

Skill and Speed

Finally, Coniston Cubs enjoyed the climbing wall and speed reaction test. A number of Cubs came together for this activity and used teamwork to hit some of the animated targets on time.

Test of climbing skills and speed of reaction by Coniston Cub members.

Great fun was had by everyone in the Cub pack! We need to get saving for our next high-adrenaline session activity now.