Yellow Six check their route

Our 26th Milton Keynes Cubs pack had great fun racing around the orienteering trail at Caldecotte Lake. Thanks to the support of six amazing parent helpers (including Cub Leader Bagheera’s dad) there were enough adults for the whole Cub pack to split up into their Sixes groupings, armed with maps and compasses for the competition.

Great teamwork in Sixes

Setting off at staggered times for their orienteering challenge, there was fantastic teamwork within each Six as the Cubs worked together to locate their targets and agree which ways to go to tag each of the marker posts. When Akela asked White Six how they were feeling about being split up in to their Sixes for the session, Drew said, “I feel safe in my Six group.” Jessie added, “This is the best session by far!”.

Pack Parent helpers had great fun too

In Black Six, Jack’s dad Marc exclaimed, “It was great fun!”. This sentiment was echoed by everyone in the pack at the end of the session. It was also good to see the Scout motto of ‘Be prepared!’ in action as Charlie’s Dad James noted, “I am glad I brought my coffee!

In White Six, Jessie and Mikey’s mum Steph said, “This was a lively adventure! Cubs couldn’t go faster, unless there were chocolate Easter eggs involved!

(That should mean the egg hunt next week goes well !- Bagheera)

In Yellow Six, Freddie’s mum Della said, “I had a brilliant time tonight, I am happy to help out!

It was hard for the adults to get a word in edgeways whilst walking round with the talkative Red Six. However, Mohi’s dad did a brilliant job of keeping Cubs safe and focused on their hike.

Bagheera’s dad and Raksha did a grand job of holding the fort at our orienteering base-camp, scrupulously tracking the time taken by each Six to complete the orienteering trail.

And so… the results! All the Sixes did really well and completed the course faster than Akela and Bagheera did on their practice run, however the final finishing order was:

1st – White Six – 51 minutes

2nd – Red Six – 56 minutes

3rd – Black Six – 1 hour 3 minutes

4th – Yellow Six – 1 hour 7 minutes

The pack back at base camp