26th Milton Keynes Coniston Cubs got crafty and creative as they used their imaginative to cobble together a wide range of recyclable materials and create wonderful works of art in our digital scout hut.

Bottle tops, tin foil, plastic bottles and containers, cardboard cereal and tea boxes, juice cartons and straws were all put to good use and stuck together with glue, sticky tape and gaffer tape as part of the Cubs challenge to create a nature-themed model as part of the Cubs Artist and Environmental Conservation activity badges.

Faces were drawn on paper, coloured paper, pipe-cleaners and pom-poms were used to accessorise creations that included a tree, train, (working!) windmill, house, robots, vehicle, rockets, people and more.

Recyclable materials don’t have to be waste, they can be works of art! A super well done to all the Cubs.