Group photo of 26th Milton Keynes Coniston Cub Scouts group in front of a play park. Everyone is holding a Rangoli craft that they have made in their hand.
26th Milton Keynes Coniston Cub Scouts at the end of a fantastic Bollywood session.

Come rain, hail, snow, sun or shine, 26th Milton Keynes Coniston Cubs Scout group is always prepared to be outdoors and have some fun, whatever the weather! The pouring rain at the start of the session did nothing to dampen the energy or the spirits of the Cub pack, as many Coniston Cubs turned up for a super fun session on Indian festivals, traditions and Bollywood dancing.

Bollywood Dancing

Cub Leader Sital taught Coniston Cubs moves from the traditional festival dance (Gabra), which they then performed in a circle. This was then followed by dancing in lines with sticks to the beat of music. There was much fun and laughter all round, and Cub Joshua demonstrated his impressive dance moves!

Photo of Cubs and leaders dancing with sticks.
Cub leader Sital teaches some stick dance moves to Coniston Cubs.

Coniston Cubs learnt about Indian traditions of Diwale and Navrati, including the history of these festivals and how they are celebrated. This session helped Cubs to work towards their Cub Scouts World Challenge Award, International Activity Badge, and Skills Challenge Award.

Rangoli craft

After all the high energy dancing, Coniston Cubs then had some super calm and chilled time with Rangoli craft, patterns made with sand. It was lucky the rain stopped in time for this art activity.

Photo of Cubs sitting down to complete Rangoli sand craft and Cub leader Sital laughing.
Cub leader Sital having a great time leading the craft activity for Coniston Cubs.
Colourful rangoli craft. Children sitting in groups to complete this coloured sand activity.
Creating rangoli patterns with a range of coloured sands.
Two photos, one of a group of Coniston Cubs sat on the ground making Rangoli artwork with sand, and another picture of Coniston Cub Divit holding up his finished Rangoli picture.
Coniston Cubs making Rangoli art patterns and Coniston Cub Divit with his finished artwork.

Coniston Cubs made some beautiful, colourful and unique rangoli artwork. Akela was particularly impressed by the neatness of Panjri’s rangoli pattern, and the colours of Lucy’s rangoli pattern that was almost as colourful as her rainbow striped coat. Coniston Cubs did a great job.

Photos of three Cubs holding up their Rangoli patterns.
Coniston Cubs Kaiyaan, Lucy and Mason with their Rangoli artwork.
Photos of three Cubs holding up their Rangoli patterns.
Coniston Cubs Josh, Timothy and Panjri with their Rangoli artwork.
Photos of three Cubs holding up their Rangoli patterns.
Coniston Cubs Joshua, Max and Isabella with their Rangoli artwork.

Chief Scout’s Silver Award for Cub Mason

A super big well done to Mason who was awarded his Chief Scout’s Silver Award and Sixer stripes. Mason is the ninth Coniston Cub to achieve Chief Scout’s Silver Award since the start of 26th Milton Keynes Scout Group 2.5 years ago, so this is a wonderful achievement by Mason and the Cub pack.

Coniston Cub Mason with his Chief Scout’s Silver Award.