26th Milton Keynes Coniston Cub Scouts group had a great time litter-picking the Walnut Tree area, demonstrating the Cub Scout value of helping others.

It was Coniston Cubs’ way of giving back to the local community as the Cub pack had a great time on their Spectacular Space Adventure in Walnut Tree earlier this term. Many thanks to Walton Community Council (WCC) for the loan of litter pickers and for providing the rubbish bags.

The heaviest bag was collected by Freddie and his team, as they bagged a whole load of wet magazines that were littered by someone. The bag was so heavy that it took teamwork just to get the bag to the nearest bin.

The award for the wettest and yuckiest bag had to be the bin bag that contained a can, which was picked from a hedgerow by Shere Khan and Cubs, as it turned out that the can was not empty (most probably filled with rain!). So there were many squeals from Cubs as the can was plucked from the hedge and gunk came out.

In about an hour and a half, Coniston Cubs, parents, and leaders collected six bags of rubbish! Well done everyone and a super thank you also to WCC who collected the rubbish on the next day.