By Jack Delany-Barnes

Ready to set off!

On the morning of the 1st of July, 26th Milton Keynes Scouts took a trip on the train down to London. Once we got there, the first thing we accomplished was lunch, sitting in Hyde Park by the Albert Memorial and chomping on some food.

An audience with Prince Albert

At around 2pm in the afternoon, we set off for the Science Museum, where we split into three groups to work on earning a badge (which must be about No.355 we’ve done): the Air Researcher badge!

The Harrys, Svea and Meg with the Apollo 10 Command Module

After this we went to the space section of the museum, where we gawped at the (tinfoil) lunar shuttle and were astounded by how much we had yet to learn about the planets!

At 6pm, the 26th went to “the other studio” where we saw (drum roll…) “Scouts! The Musical!” Although quite a few of us were sceptical beforehand, it turned out to be one of the best performances we had ever seen.

Looking forward to the musical!

A quote from Christopher Clawson was “It was actually a really good musical! Before we went on the trip, I thought it might be just terrible, but no! It was simply amazing!”

Stewart joins the cast!
Tired and happy scouts on the way home

After the musical ended, we made a mad dash for the tube, and then the train that would take us back to home sweet home ( some scouts stayed up later than ever before, better not tell the parents!).