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Stuart Ball


Rachel Martin


Helen Spicer-Cain



The Group Executive Committee supports the Group Scout Leader and ensures the effective administration of the Scout Group.

The Group Executive Committee aims to make sure that the Scout Group has the facilities and resources needed to deliver good Scouting in the Group. This includes:

  • the maintenance of the Group’s property and equipment
  • the raising of funds and the administration of the Group’s finance
  • the insurance of persons, property and equipment
  • Group public occasions
  • assisting with the recruitment of Leaders and other adult support

Members of the Group Executive Committee

The Group Executive consists of some people who are members because of their role in Scouting (the ex-officio members), these are:

  • Group Scout Leader
  • Group Chairman
  • Group Treasurer
  • Group Secretary
  • Deputy Group Scout Leader (if any)
  • All Section Leaders (i.e. individuals holding a Beaver Scout Leader, Cub Scout Leader or Scout Leader role) subject to that Section Leader expressly indicating to the AGM (in writing or orally at the meeting) that they are willing to perform such a function

In addition to the ex-officio members, there are three other groups of people who may be members of the Group Executive:

  • elected members – these are elected by the Group Council at the Annual General Meeting and there are normally four to six of them;
  • nominated members – these are nominated by the Group Scout Leader in consultation with the Group Chairman at the Annual General Meeting and there must be no more than the number of elected members
  • co-opted members – these are co-opted by the Group Executive Committee and there must be no more than the number of elected members

The membership is set up this way to ensure that the interests of the Group Council and the Group Scout Leader are represented, and balanced. The co-opted members are often used to bring particular skills into the Executive Committee, perhaps because of a particular project that is being undertaken or task that is being tackled.

Ideally there should be a parent from each Section in the Group on the Executive Committee.

All members (ex-officio, elected and co-opted) are Charity Trustees of the Group which is registered as a non-profit making charity with the Charity Commission for England and Wales.  The current Trustees are:

RoleMember typeName
ChairNominatedStuart Ball
Deputy ChairElectedKanika Nagpal
TreasurerElectedRachel Martin
SecretaryElectedHelen Spicer-Cain
Scout Parent representativeElectedChelsea Booth
Cub Parent representativeElectedBeth Barry
Beaver Parent representativeElectedN/A
GSLEx-officioJenny Ryder
Scout LeaderEx-officioSimon Clawson
Cub Scout LeaderEx-officioSusan Evans
Beaver Scout LeaderEx-officioN/A

Anyone interested in getting involved in the Executive or supporting the group can register there interest by clicking here.

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