26th Milton Keynes Cub Scouts got together in their digital scout hut for The Great Big Coniston Cubs Bake Off (GBCCBO). Cubs and leaders alike joined in to create magnificent microwave mug cakes and oven-baked delights!

Emotions and enthusiasm ran high as pillowy mountains of squirty cream melted, Akela’s own chocolate mug cake exploded in the microwave to become a volcanic mess (although it tasted good!), sprinkles covered tables, eggs were almost forgotten in the cake mix, and creative decorations were hastily added before the time ran out!

Introducing our own Pru Leith… Assistant District Commissioner Cubs Claire Harris!

Special guest and VIP, our GBCCBO Judge for the evening Milton Keynes Assistant District Commissioner for Cubs Claire Harris said:

WOW! Forget the finale episode of Great British Bake Off on TV. The GBCCBO 2021 was the one to get involved with! I had the absolute pleasure of attending the Cub pack’s first ever GBCCBO and I was totally blown away by the creativity and talent shown by these Cub bakers. The cubs really did do their best and produced some amazing bakes.

It was SooOOOOOooo hard to pick a Star Baker. Every single one of the bakes could have easily been a star bake and all the cubs should feel super proud of themselves. However, after much thought – I honestly did spend ages looking at the Cub’s bakes – I am thrilled to announce the winner is… Harry. H.  What a great combination to put into a mug cake and so neatly presented. Well done Harry H!”

A future Paul Hollywood…? Congratulations to our Coniston Cubs Star baker with his fabulous Banoffee cake!

Claire was super-impressed with ALL of our bakers, and gave special mentions as well to the following Cubs:

  • Jack, for the Scout design on his mug cake created with some skillfull chocolate work
  • Samuel, for a great imaginative design using dinosaurs that he’d made with fondant icing
  • Timothy, for creating such an artistic design using the mug and decorations to give a great overall effect
  • Ashley G, for his use of props on his mug cake. We particularly liked how the blue matched the umbrella
  • Harry G, for creating the happiest looking mug cake. You cannot go wrong with chocolate and raspberries!
Special commendation for these five bakers – well done to Jack, Samuel, Timothy, Ashley G and Harry G!)

“Give yourselves a huge round of applause for all your efforts – Coniston Cubs are fantastic!” (MK ADC Cubs, Claire Harris)

Fantastic Coniston Cub Cakes

As well as the Cubs who received Star Baker award and special commendations by our guest and judge Claire Harris, Akela was super impressed by the true spirit of Coniston Cubs who gave each other encouragement and found solutions to challenges, as well as creativity.

A particular shout-out to two of our Sixers! Charlie showed great spirit and resilience when his baking didn’t go to plan and so he decorated his beautiful and happy looking cupcake and managed to fit a huge amount of different toppings on to it! Svea opted to use an oven as instead of a microwave yet still amazingly managed to finish and decorate her cake – that’s some seriously speedy baking!

Mason, Alex and Max made the biggest cakes ever – Akela thinks there is no such thing as too much cake! (Bagheera’s note – I totally agree with this!)

Cakes bigger than Cubs? These were huge from Mason, Alex and Max!

Jessica and Bagheera were very on brand too with their “Cubs” wording on their cakes, with Jessica going the extra mile with some Cubs-jumper-coloured green icing to decorate her mug cake.

Jessie, doing a much better job on icing and decorating her cake than her cub leader Bagheera!

Some of our Cubs produced some really well decorated cakes, producing some of the most glitzy, glittery, and sparkly bakes we’ve ever seen! In particular there were some stunning cakes from Michael, Mohi, Drew and Oliver.

Master bakers Mikey, Mohi, Oliver and Drew and their superbly presented creations!

It was a triumphant evening for ALL of the bakers in the pack; a massive congratulations to them for their impressive baking skills! Everyone’s cakes looked absolutely delicious and we can’t wait to see what they all cook up next!