Our Milton Keynes 26th Cub Pack had a fantastic time at Curly Tails Pig Sanctuary at their last session before the Summer half term! Despite some very heavy rain just before the visit, the sun broke through the clouds as the session started. We enjoyed fantastic early summer sunshine for the whole tour. Most importantly of all, we started the session investing Archie in to the pack. Archie was given his necker by his big brother Charlie. Welcome to Cubs, Archie!

Curly Tails is a small charity operating out of Drayton Parslow just south of Milton Keynes. When we visited they had 39 rescue pigs that they were looking after. Each cub was given a bucket full of tasty pig treats (bread, apples, and the like) and instructions on how to feed the pigs safely. We then split into sixes for a “meet and greet” with as many of the pigs as we could!

Our fantastic tour guides, Jane and Charlotte, explained a little to us about the sanctuary as we walked around. They also held a Q&A with the Cubs at the end. They shared some of the stories about the pigs as we went. One of these was Humphrey, who was sold as a “micro-pig” pet for someone’s house but turned out to be just a piglet. He’s fully-grown now… and taller than most of the Cubs! We also had a warning about Wilma, a friendly pig who likes to put her trotters up on the barriers of her enclosure to beg for treats!

Jane tells the Cubs about the guinea pigs

There was another treat after the tour, when we got to meet some of the guinea pigs that the sanctuary has. We even had a visit from a friendly cat that took a particular shine to Jessie and Mikey!

Keen hands as the Cubs ask questions about the sanctuary

The Cubs also got to hold, feed and cuddle the guinea pigs. Almost all of them took up the chance to do as you can see from the photos below!

All in all the whole pack had a fantastic time and hugely enjoyed their visit to Curly Tails. We’d like to say a special thanks to Jane, Charlotte, and the whole team at the sanctuary. We had a fantastic time and were made to feel very welcome!