26th Milton Keynes Coniston Cub Scouts cooked up a feast in our Digital Scout Hut online for Chinese New Year on Tuesday 1 February 2022 – the year of the Tiger!

Bring on the luck with the colour red!

As red is an auspicious colour in Chinese beliefs, Coniston Cubs got into the spirit by wearing red tops to cook in and kickstart our year with lots of luck and happiness!

This session built on learning from the previous week when Coniston Cubs learnt about food groups and created a poster as part of the Chef Activity Badge.

Ready, steady, cook!

As part of the Chef badge, Coniston Cubs were tasked with cooking a two-course meal for two people and involving super healthy vegetables. Coniston Cubs rose to the challenge and in 40 minutes, everyone rustled up a mega feast for Chinese New Year.

For mains, there were noodles, rice, dumplings, stir-fries, salads, omelette, and toasts. For sweet desserts there were fritters, flapjack, steamed buns, pancakes, biscuits, fortune cookies and more.

Super Cubs skills and salivating dishes and desserts

Akela was mightily impressed by Ashley. G’s feast displayed on his dining table (BTW, Akela loves steamed dumplings!), Charlie’s stir-fry skills, Drew’s veg chopping, Mohi’s beautiful presentation of his rice with the alternating cucumber and carrot pattern, and Timothy’s egg cracking skills. Akela also heard that Jack did a fab job of chopping his peppers, so well done!

Well done everyone!

Coniston Cubs, you are super and well done on achieving your Cubs Chef Activity Badge!

Also, a big thank you to all the parental/carer sous chefs who made this online session possible by providing the support and ingredients. A big shout out and applause to you all from Akela :0)