What is Microsoft Teams?

Milton Keynes Scouts have an educational licence for Microsoft Office365.  This means that we can provide an online classroom, which is safe and secure for our youth members, through Microsoft Teams.    Due to school lockdowns, you and your child may already…

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What equipment do I need for online meetings?

You will need an internet connection and a device capable of accessing Microsoft Teams – a tablet or mobile phone will be just fine if you do not have a computer or laptop.   (Hardware Requirements) All required software and accounts will be provided by Milton Keynes Scouts and…

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When do you meet?

The Cubs will normally meet on Tuesday evenings, starting around 6pm and ending around 7:30pm.  There will sometimes be events on other evenings or on weekends. 

Where does the 26th meet?

The 26th is an exciting and different type of Scout Group, as we do not have a permanent meeting place. Instead, we will hold our face-to-face meetings at various locations around Milton Keynes.  Our meeting places may include some of the parks, The Quarries Scout campsite, and other…

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