The Group

The 26th Milton Keynes Scout Group is a new way of delivering Scouting to the young people of Milton Keynes.  We have taken great things from traditional Scouting and mixed them with exciting new ways of doing things supported by technology (such as ZoomMicrosoft Teams and Online Scout Manager) to create a new blended form of Scouting. 

That’s nice but what does it really mean? 

Simply it means that the 26th Milton Keynes does not have a ‘base’ of operations.  Instead we will meet wherever is best suited to give the young people of the group great Scouting experiences.  We could be meeting online to build marble runs in our homes, backwoods cooking at The Quarries, walking or cycling the Milton Keynes Cultural Routes with our families and the sharing our photos in our secure online shared space or getting together for games in a park. 


Milton Keynes already has a massive waiting list of young people wanting to join Scouting and as the borough keeps growing, we expect that interest to grow with it.  Our ability to expand the number of places available in Milton Keynes is restricted because of a lack of suitable venues.   A problem the 26th Milton Keynes won’t have.  We have invested in technology which will allow us to provide a secure environment for the young people to interact in and to allow us to share information with the young people and their families. 

What’s more this blended method gives much more flexibility, opening Scouting up to young people and adult volunteers who might prefer to not meet face-to-face, who have difficultly travelling or who cannot commit to weekly meetings. 

This is a very different way of Scouting and we are excited to be launching it in Milton Keynes.  While we will be starting small with one Beaver Colony and one Cub Pack each consisting of 15 young people we have plans to grow. 

The Group Executive Committee

These Trustees make sure everything happens properly; they are the very important governance layer in Scouting. They ensure what we do is compliant with Scouting rules, Charity Law and that there is enough money in the kitty to meet the needs of the Group.

Vacancies for the Exec are advertised HERE when there are vacancies, although the Committee is re-elected, re-appointed and co-opted at each Annual General Meeting.

Parents are absolutely encouraged to offer their time and expertise in ensuring the Group grows and thrives.


TeamBeavers are the Programme Team that make the magic happen for our youngest section. Instilling Beavers with an excitement for Scouting and all it has to offer.

Whether it’s online, offline, preparing content for others to deliver, TeamBeavers is about fun and learning without realising it.

More in-depth information about our Blue Ninja’s can be found on our Beavers page.


TeamCubs is the Programme Team that supports the Cub Packs. Building on the skills they learn in Beavers, it’s a key consolidation and skills development stage.

Whether it’s online, offline, preparing content for others to deliver, TeamCubs is about extending the challenge and encouraging Cubs to expand their repertoire.

More information about Cubs can be found HERE.


TeamScouts is the Programme Team that supports the Scout Troops. Building on the skills they learn in Cubs, Scouts is about developing independently and working within a Patrol.

Whether that’s online, offline, preparing content for others to deliver, TeamScouts is about extending the challenge and encouraging Scouts to #BePrepared.

More information about Scouts can be found HERE.


Adults ensure Scouting happens. Without them young people are unable to get involved, but being an adult in Scouting can be just as fun. We learn skills and we deliver support in more ways than you can think of.

26th Milton Keynes, due to it’s reach across Milton Keynes, needs a strong supporting team to make it happen. If you would like to see what opportunities to get involved are available, please look at our volunteering page.

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